Fun Things to Do at North Stradbroke Island

North Stradbroke Island is the second-largest sand island in the world. It is one of those places known to define South East Queensland. This island has the most diverse wildlife in that specific area, and it stays quiet for most of the year. It comprises some stunning Aussie landscapes with immaculate natural beauty. People who live in and around South East Queensland visit Stradbroke Island multiple times a year to enjoy what this place has to offer.

Some of them take a tour, while others go independently by taking a ferry. Even though it is situated only 30km southeast of Brisbane, many tourists who visit Queensland either overlook it or are unaware that such a place exists. However, Stradbroke is worth visiting, ideally on a few days break for relaxation. But before visiting, knowing how you can spend time at such a beautiful place is a necessity. Here are the fun things to do at North Stradbroke Island.

1.  Enjoy a Meal at the Blue Room Cafe

Although there is no shortage of restaurant options on Stradbroke Island, the Blue Room Cafe is a standout. It is one of the most well-known places to eat on the island. It is situated near the North Gorge Walk and has splendid ocean views from the terrace, which makes it an ideal spot for breakfast once you complete your morning walk.

The menu contains a lot of cabinet food with limited specials. This includes sandwiches, salad wraps, baked goods, etc. Many tourists have reported that this restaurant offers some great waffles. Remember that it does get busy often, which is why it is best to go early to get an outside table or simply take advantage of the takeaway service.

2.  View the Sunset at Amity Point

Located northwest of Stradbroke Island, Amity Point is a quiet community. It is just a 15-minute drive from the point lookout. Even though some people might find the beach here less stunning, it is worth noting that the water is much calmer. Amity Point’s jetty is the perfect spot on the island to enjoy the views of a sunset. Besides the colourful sky, you will also see large pelicans as well as dolphins who will be swimming very close to the jetty. Individuals can also find public BBQs and some picnic tables which makes it a great spot to bring your own dinner and enjoy it.

3.  Swim at Cylinder Beach

Stradbroke Island is full of exceptional beaches that individuals and families can enjoy. Cylinder Beach is one of those ideal for swimming. Since it is safeguarded by a sandbar, it is typically calmer than other similar surfing spots. Remember that there is a patrolled area, so try to swim between the flags. It is easy to access this beach from the car park using a coffee cart. This place also has showers and toilets. The Cylinder Beach is perfect for a day out with family. Furthermore, when you are in Stradbroke Island, visit Streadbroke Adventures to get the best guidance on water sports and have a wonderful time.

Wrapping Up

North Stradbroke Island is a must-visit place as a day trip from Brisbane. However, if possible, staying for a few nights or even longer is recommended since that will allow you to relax and do the things mentioned in this article.


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