Jet Ski Hire


Jet skis explained

From $179/90min

Jet skis are a lot of fun! They're fast, maneuverable, easy to ride, and under the supervision of our instructors they can be ridden without a license. 

Even if you have never sat on a Jet Ski before your instructor will take all the time necessary to show you how to control the jet ski in a safe manor. 
The Safety briefing prior to use takes about half an hour and explains exactly whats going to happen on your ride, how a jet skis works, and some simple rules which will keep you safe. 
Remember you will have a great time on your tour however these are powerful machines and if you break these rules you can put yourself in danger. Any dangerous riding results in end of Jet Ski hire.

Finishing the safety briefing all riders will put on life jackets before being shown the controls on the Jet Ski. 

The last test before the tour commences is to stop next to a stationary object. This ensures that the rider understands how to control the jet ski whilst still in a safe environment. Your instructor will run you through exactly what is expected and how to safely complete the task before you pass the test and are allowed to commence the tour. 

Once on the tour we have several rules:
1. Your jet ski has a key. This is at all times to be attached by lanyard to your life jacket. If you fall, the key will pull off, and jet ski stop.

2. Any time the jet ski is going more than 6 knots (10 km/h), 100 meter spacing is required. Jet Skis do not have brakes.

3. While outside of the Jet Ski track riders are to follow directly behind instructors wake.

4.While on Jet Ski track, stay inside markers and ride in an anti-clockwise direction.

If any of these rules are broken at any point throughout the tour your ride will be immediately terminated.

Your Jet Ski hire will be supervised 100% of the time by a qualified instructor.
If you encounter any issues they will be there to assist.

We hope you have a FUN and SAFE Jet Ski tour.


Packages That Include jet ski hire:



From $125 per person

  • Tube Ride
  • Speed Boat Ride
  • Jet Ski Hire
  • Water Taxi from Runaway Bay Marina return


From $205 per person

  • 4WD Tour
  • Sand Boarding
  • 2 hours Surf Lesson
  • Tube Ride
  • Jet Ski Hire
  • Speed Boat Ride
  • Water Taxi transfer from Runaway Bay Marina return