Surf Lessons


Surf Lessons - What to expect

From $59/person

By the end of your first two hour surf lesson every person in the class should be standing

We can break the surf lesson into 3 segments.

1 - On The Beach
The class arrives and each receives a board and rash shirt. After all students have gotten changed into bathers the instructor shows everyone how to carry board in pairs (when learning to surf,the bigger the board the easier it is to balance).

Once on the beach your instructor will run you through the following:
- Parts of a surfboard
- Lesson Goals
- Method of standing (We practice this until everybody has it perfect)
- What will happen once we're in the water.
- How to hold your surfboard safely
- Basic water safety

All our surf coaches hold multiple first aid and surf rescue qualifications. We try to be as brief as possible on safety so the student can focus entirely on standing and use the surf coaches knowledge of the water to ensure the classes safety.

2 - In The Water
The instructor will do everything he possibly can to help his students out. Each student will first learn how to catch a wave and control their board before actually standing up. Techniques for this will have been taught during the beach lesson.

Once the student is able to catch their wave and has control, they will attempt to stand using the method their instructor has taught (each persons body moves differently and different methods can make it easier to stand).

This usually takes about 15 mins before students are getting to their feet and now working on their balance. 

After about half an hour in the water we start to notice that progress is starting to slow. Students are getting tired. We have a five minute break on the beach allowing every ones muscles a chance to recover and the instructor to give further tips without waves crashing about him.

3 - Final Stage 

The final stage of the lesson most students want to go off on their own to practice catching and surfing their own waves. The instructor still makes sure no one is drifting from the safe area but allows students to do their own thing whilst helping out where required.

By the end of the 2 hours students will be quite tired. While having fun you can forget how much energy you're using and once finished they start to relax and realize how hungry they are.

You always feel satisfied after a surf. You've got your blood pumping, you're feeling fresh from the water, and no matter what the swell, there's always been at least one wave which makes the session worth while. 


Price table

All prices are for a 2 hour Surf Lesson

1 person - $139

2 people - $69 pp

3 people - $59 pp

4 people - $54 pp

5/6 people - $49 pp

7+ people - $45 pp

Do you have bigger groups ? We have special conditions for bigger groups enquire now


Packages That Include Tube Rides:



From $125 per person

  • Tube Ride
  • Speed Boat Ride
  • Jet Ski Hire
  • Water Taxi from Runaway Bay Marina return


From $205 per person

  • 4WD Tour
  • Sand Boarding
  • 2 hours Surf Lesson
  • Tube Ride
  • Jet Ski Hire
  • Speed Boat Ride
  • Water Taxi transfer from Runaway Bay Marina return