Tube Rides


Tube Rides Explained

From $29 /person

Depending on the weather the Tube Ride changes between the "Banana Boat" and the "Sofas" as seen below. Each are equally as fun however are suited to different conditions.

Life jackets are worn at all times and patrons are advised where to sit on tubes to keep weight centered (families/groups can be placed together). 

The tubes are attached to tow point on back of the ski boat before being towed into an open area. Once in a safe area the boat speeds up to that of which the tubes start to bounce or slide depending on which tube is in use.

The 3 signs you will need to know:
If all riders have both hands in the air... Go Faster
If any rider gives thumbs down... Boat Slows Down
If any rider shakes head (as saying NO)... Boat Stops

The tube ride lasts for about 15 mins. If people are being silly and trying to fall off they waste their tube time climbing back on the boat.
To give everybody the best possible time, my job as skipper, is to pull the tube from side to side till riders are just about to fall then slow down to allow everyone to reset themselves. 

On occasion this means riders will fall from the tube but all riders wear life jackets and bob around laughing in the water whilst the boat turns around to pick them up.
If a rider does not want any chance of falling off he is to alert the skipper prior to ride. The skipper will reduce the speed of the ride.

Expect to be splashed with water throughout the tube ride. Bathers should be worn.


Packages That Include Tube Rides:



From $125 per person

  • Tube Ride
  • Speed Boat Ride
  • Jet Ski Hire
  • Water Taxi from Runaway Bay Marina return


From $205 per person

  • 4WD Tour
  • Sand Boarding
  • 2 hours Surf Lesson
  • Tube Ride
  • Jet Ski Hire
  • Speed Boat Ride
  • Water Taxi transfer from Runaway Bay Marina return