Your Complete Guide to North Stradbroke Island for Vacationing

North Stradbroke Island, also known as Straddie, is a well-recognised getaway because it is very close to Brisbane, Queensland’s capital. It is just a short ferry over from Cleveland and has numerous stunning beaches, wildlife, and coastline. In most cases, individuals do not even require a car to make this trip. However, if needed, you can certainly use your car to make the hour-and-a-half trip from the east of Brisbane.

You can visit Straddie as a day trip or weekend getaway whichever one you prefer. Straddie is also well-known for its amazing natural landscapes, such as beaches, cliffs, forests, and obviously for the Aussie wildlife. Even though the Island is smaller in size and is situated in a remote location, it is still as beautiful as some other Islands. However, before making your next visit to Straddie, it is best to keep a few tips in mind to ensure a memorable experience. Here is your complete guide to North Stradbroke Island for vacationing.

1.  How to Get to North Stradbroke Island?

People who are visiting from Brisbane should get themselves to Cleveland, as this is where the ferry starts for Stradbroke Island. Brisbane Airport is the nearest airport. There is an option of taking a train from Brisbane to Cleveland station before taking bus #258 to the ferry terminal. Many people just drive to the terminal in Cleveland and leave their cars in the free parking without any problems. This is because taking your car to the Straddie can prove to be very expensive, which is why individuals often prefer using public transportation. The ferry does not cost a lot if you go as a foot passenger. Individuals can use cash or even a card to pay the driver.

2.  Where to Stay on the North Stradbroke Island?

People who do not own a car will have a tough time accessing the beach campsites around Straddie Island. In case you are searching for affordable accommodation, there are a few places at the Point Lookout where you can stay for very cheap. Some of them have a very large area along with a common area and the place also shares the area with the diving centre. The rooms might be on the smaller side, but you will definitely get all you need for a short stay. Few of them have private rooms as well at this tourist destination.

3.  Refrain from Visiting Stradbroke on Long Weekends and Holidays

You might be aware that long weekends and holidays mean most tourist destinations will accommodate a large population of people. Stradbroke Island is no different despite the fact that most tourists overlook it when they are in Queensland. Three-day weekends and school holidays are the busiest time to visit Straddie Island. Accommodation and ferries will book out very quickly and if you want to have a meal at any cafe or restaurant, you will have to wait for a bit. Tourists will need to navigate the crowds.

Remember that the costs of accommodation will be much higher than usual. So, it is best to avoid visiting Straddie during long weekends and holidays. Regardless of when you decide to visit this Island, contact the companies that provide Streadbroke Adventures to get the best guidance on water sports and have an unforgettable time.

Wrapping Up

Stradbroke Island is one of those tourist destinations that often goes under the radar. However, there are very few calm places like this one, which makes it ideal for people who want to catch a break from their busy schedule. Follow the tips from this article to have a good experience.


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